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Fiscus Capital are a niche group of experienced Corporate Advisers focussed on assisting businesses in navigating Equity Capital Markets (ECM).  

We have direct experience in founding several companies and charitable foundations, completing trade sales, conducting reverse take overs and leading successful IPO's. Our team has been through the entire growth and exit process several times, which is our key differentiator from other advisory firms that have intellectual knowledge, but little direct practical application. Our hands on experience can be the difference between something that 'should' work, to something that 'does' work.

Being a niche firm, Fiscus works exclusively with a small number of selected clients and partners through their entire business journey. These relationships can last for years. Regardless of where you are in the business cycle, from initial concept to capital raising, through to trade sale or IPO, Fiscus is with you for the long haul. 

 Start a conversation with our experienced team and see how they can help you get to the next level.


 The Fiscus Three phase model takes clients from the beginning to the end of their business journey. In the first phase, "Quality Strategic Advice", we show our clients how to best structure and set up the organisation for success. Following this is the "Financial Advisory" phrase, where we assist and guide you through the challenges related to capital raising, provision of debt, Government grants, Facilitation and Factoring. Finally, the third phase, "Growth and Exit Advisory", looks at taking your business to final stage of the business journey in the form of an IPO, reverse takeover, M&A or trade sale.

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Strategy advisory

The most important first step in any business growth strategy is the plan. At Fiscus, we pride ourselves on creating realistic and practical plans with our partner clients. Through building our own businesses, we know that practicality and simplicity are qualities that newly thought out business ideas rarely possess.

Our goal during the "Strategy Advisory" phase, is to guide you through the planning process and formulate the right strategy for your business.


financial advisory

The second most important step in the business growth phase is the financial plan. Having a strategy without strong financial metrics and measurement behind it is setting yourself up for failure. Whatever your stage of business we can assist and advise on your financial requirements.

growth & exit advisory

Fiscus specialises in building businesses for sale. This is demonstrated by our recent example of preparing InvitroCue for IPO. The planning necessary to successfully execute a company's IPO is usually the furthest thing from our clients' minds when they first start to grow their business, when in reality it should be a part of the overall plan from inception. Exits are often misunderstood as a trade sale, when this is only one option. IPO's, management buyouts, backdoor listings, reverse takeovers are all options. Regardless if you want to stay in the business or move on, there will be an opportunity to release the capital in the business at some stage.




Richard’s experience in stock markets has grown over 30 years to include Member of the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and Executive Director of Prudential-Bache Securities (Australia), one of Australia’s largest full service stockbrokers of its day. Through this period, Richard assisted in the listing of and investment in a significant number of companies as well as developing the client services division later to be awarded as "Best Retail Broker" by Personal Investment magazine.


The Fiscus team has worked with a wide variety of clients through their personal experience and professional capacity.

InvitroCue which the team worked with to a successful IPO. You can read the full case study below.

Empire Resources Limited (ASX:ERL) capital raise fully subscribed.