This DA approved development offers 89 apartments and 499m2 of retail space and is situated in the heart of North Perth.

North Perth


2.5 years


Residential 6 level  development  of 89 apartments & 499m2 of retail space


Site Area

Investment Timeframe      

Local Authority Zoning       

Development Opportunity                                   











Acquisition & Construction                                             

Selling Costs                                                                         

GST on Sales Revenue                             

Total Costs                                                                        

Gross Realisation                                                


Return on Investment  

Investment Highlights

  •  Capital raise of $11M
  • Opportunity for wholesale or sophisticated investors
  •  A specific unit trust has been established to hold the assets of the development project
  •  Bespoke apartments designed to appeal to the North Perth owner-occupier market
  • Location benefits from close proximity to Perth CBD, public transport , dining and retail.
  •  Experience Development Manager with successful recent track record in North Perth
  •  Preferred equity return of 15% p. a. 
  • Fixed 49.99% share of remaining net development profit
  • Forecast total return of 57% over anticipated 30 months’ term.
  •  Equates to a total forecast return of 23% p. a. 

If you are interested in the above or similar opportunities, please contact

  • Vito Interlandi/ Director, Asian Advisory -

  • Richard Cen/ Director, Asian Advisory - or +61 8613 8888

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